Music Spotlight: A Band On Hope

by Polly Hember

A Band On Hope presents an inventive and sharp amalgamation of hip-hop, rock, funk, soul, blues, electro and jazz as they launch their 13 track opus. Quite unlike anything that we have ever heard, producer and instrumentalist Kristian Sharpe and lyricist Ill Literate (The Scribes’ frontman) have collaborated to bring cutting raps, catchy beats and much more to their ambitious album.

The personal and political come crashing together, exploding in an evocative soundscape bursting with hard-hitting lyrics, edgy synth and electric energy in this new and exciting endeavour. Ranging from the profoundly moving ‘Spaced Out’ to more consuming and powerful pieces like ‘Low Budget High Life’, driving the album forward with politically weighted, creative and highly enjoyable energy.

A Band On Hope’s 13 track LP is released today – head over to iTunes and Amazon to purchase it, or listen to an exclusive taste here.

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