Album Review: Feeder: The Best Of –
by Danni Gillespie

The Welsh band have been producing iconic indie-rock sounds since 1994. Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas, drummer Jon Lee and bassist Simon Blight, the trio have spent a total of one hundred and eighty one weeks on the charts between 1997 and 2012. They have ten studio albums, four EPs, forty singles and two Kerrang! awards. Quite an accolade, and one that most definitely justifies a ‘Best Of’ endeavour.

This album celebrates over two decades of Feeder, kicking off with the famous “wooh-oooh-ooohs” of ‘Feeling a Moment’ and you are instantly remained of the amazing sound that is Feeder.

‘Come Back Around’, ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’ and ‘Just a Day’ join ‘Feeling a Moment’ in the first six tracks of the fifty-strong album, allowing die-hard fans and causal listeners to reminisce. Putting their most iconic tunes at the start of the album makes for a fantastic and strong beginning.

As the album progresses, the temp picks up: the rockier ‘Insomnia’, ‘Renegades’ and ‘Buck Rogers’ appear – songs I’m sure everyone remembers for their teenage years (or maybe that’s just me). How can you not sing along to “he’s got CD player player player….”?

The occasional slower song appears (‘Tender’ and ‘Turn’), changing the tone and reminding you that it’s not just all indie-rock. These songs highlight Feeder’s versatile style and immense musical talent.

The album ends on a high. ‘Dive’ builds and builds, engrossing the listener in classic a frenzy of Feeder sound. The album ends on the momentous ‘Landslide’; a wonderfully rocky number that embodies the momentous and unique sound that the band have carved out over their career.

Nicholas states ‘we are proud of this album and hopefully it shows why we are still here and who we are as a band. There is no one quite like Feeder and it has always been about the tunes’ – and he was quite right.  

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