Interview: Buffo's Wake
by Chris Thumwood and Danni Gillespie

Buffo’s Wake, the Gypsy styled carnival beast stole On the Beat's inhibitions and bewitched our feet with their feral sound and lively performance in the early afternoon at Under the Hill festival. We managed to catch up with some of the band after their madcap performance.

On the Beat:  We’ll open with what is probably quite an obvious one who’s Buffo?

Buffo’s Wake:  He was a clown who committed hari-kari, he was a character in a book, he played an old accordion...

I thought he was character in a Chekov play?

Nah mate! He’s a suicidal clown. One of our old band mates had read this book gave us the name. We did a gig it stuck. Then he left and left us with it.

OTB:  So definitely something for the kids…

BW: And you know what a wake is right? It’s the party that comes after a funeral... It’s the best thing about dying.

Funeral party!

Funeral Party... loads of whisky.

We’ve been called Buffalo Wake, Buffy’s Corp, Buffo’s wok…

"So Suicidal Clowns - what’s not to love?!"

OTB: So Suicidal Clowns - what’s not to love?! So where you here last year?

BW: Nah it’s our first time. Rich, the great Mr Trick, got in contact with us. We looked at the line up from last year, saw it was sick... looked at some of the bands who are playing this year: also sick!

OTB:  What do you think of the Under the Hill?

BW: Mate, it’s banging. My family live about 15 minutes away in Apperley and I was talking to some friends who’d been before about it, and they were really buzzing about how beautiful it was.

Yeah, it’s the right kind of festival, isn’t it? Not super commercial, and built up, there’s not sponsorship everywhere.

OTB: Yeah, it’s very chilled.

BW: And the crowd are banging! What a crazy weird cacophony of misfits man. They’re awesome!

OTB: Yeah, we noticed there’s quite an age range. It’s quite amazing to walk in and there’s everyone
 all dancing together.

BW: Sometimes I get really weird about getting people up to dance like *points a finger dramatically* “YOU AT THE BACK GET UP AND DANCE”, then when they get a bit closer you can see their walking sticks and wheel chairs and think better not - don’t want to do a Kanye.

OTB: So i know you’re incredibly keen to go and get a beer…

BW: So, actually, we are off to play a private party and then another festival, we’re off to play some kind of weird wedding.

Don’t say it’s weird in case they read this...

OTB: Quickly, what’s next for you guys?

BW: We’ve actually recorded the bulk of an album that we’re trying to get finished.

We’re got some kind of pledge thing, running at the minute.

You get rewards for contributing in different ways, from a digital download to a festival pass, to anything.

Yeah, yeah, we’re actually offering a get out of jail free card, if you want us to lie for you to a boss or a girlfriend, or the police or if you just want someone to vouch for you that’s one of our pledges.

There’s six of us in the van so that’s six personal alibis.

There’s still time to help Buffo’s wake reach their goal, have a look and pledge here.


Interview questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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