Poetry: 'Cornelius'
by Chris Thumwood

Cornelius is a Tortoise and he doesn’t like his house
But it follows him around each time he tries to move about
He doesn’t like the decor, can’t abide the colour green
Which I think cos’ he’s a tortoise is a little bit obscene.

He says he’d like a garden, a little place to grow his lunch
Harvest cucumbers, romaine’s and a dandelion bunch
He’d also like an upstairs and a window with a view
where he can sit and ponder life, when he’s nothing else to do

His current house is small but he politely calls it snug
Say’s he’d really like a new one, but he says it with a shrug
cos’  he cannot get a mortgage, see he’s living off his pension
Instead he’ll have to settle for getting an extension.

Chris Thumwood is a Bristol-based poet. 
Original artwork by Danni Gillespie

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