EP Review: I Am by Eira Bailey
by Meg Fatharly

Eira Bailey’s EP I Am was recently released and the simplicity of these songs is beautiful.


‘A Letter I Will Never Send’ is my favourite from the three songs on the EP. There is a calming honesty to the lyrics that made me instantly connect with the song. Paired with a generally up beat tempo, the words were like small bursts of warmth that you sometimes need in music or writing.

When I listen to music, I tend to pick out each word and intuitively interact with it mentally, letting the words jump, mingle and connect with one another. From doing this, I can generally tell if I connect to a song quite quickly. I think a good song is one that reminds you of something, whether it’s a tangible meaning or memory or just a slight sensation of familiarity that lingers just a little bit longer. This is how I would describe some of the ambiguity in Eira’s lyrics.


Each song is a moment; these are universal moments of doubt that people will connect with. ‘515’ manages to capture a fleeting moment and a time that is often consumed by the day-to-day grind and forgotten, but into psychical words penned into the title of the song. The elements of self-depreciation and wit resonate strongly with me as I myself use humour as a way to hide from things. These songs allow these moments to be brought to the surface. This is an important EP, which manages to simultaneously inspire reflection and release. They’re raw and vulnerable, but cleverly paired with upbeat segments to create an interesting bittersweet tension for the listener.


I Am is available now to stream on Spotify.

Photo credit: Frankie Arnold.

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