Gig Review: Green Day @ Madcool Festival, Madrid 2017
by Angelique Jones

GreenDay were nothing short of exceptional last week at Madrid’s exciting new Mad Cool Festival. It is safe to say that although their multiple classics may be old in time, they are ever so relevant and current in our socio-political state right now, all over the world. They are in fact, timeless.

The show (and yes, I use the word “show” in all its showbiz, glitzy glory) began with a homage to punk, and a reminder that no matter what your age, the mystery and absurdity of a big pink rabbit – is it Tre Cool?- fooling around on stage, and involving the crowd, is certainly the start of a good set, followed by a two and a half hour concert that we knew would fly by and still manage to leave us still wanting more.


Billie Joe and co boomed onto the stage with the same sass and cool as ever, and remained true to their punk origins and die-hard fans. Billie with his smudgy kohl eyeliner eyes, black hair and old school fashion, and Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt as peroxide blonde clowning heroes. A trio of infinite energy fused with musical genius.

Their politically-infused set was naturally dedicated to the “minority” and the “freaks.” And the overall theme was that of love, a powerful and poignant message that sung to everyone. Billie Joe’s call to put down our cell phones and “be in the moment… don’t save it for later” had such force and veracity that the tens of thousands of fans lowered their phones and raised their open hands with relief.


It was an inclusive, invigorating and life-affirming concert. A global crowd of young and old sung and danced along to Billie’s iconic voice, Tre Cool’s fierce heart pounding drumming and Mike’s animated performing.


Green Day certainly “pledged allegiance to the underworld, One nation underdog” with classic super hits like ‘Minority,’ ‘American Idiot,’ older classics like ‘Basket Case,’ ‘Welcome to Paradise’, through to their first ever album to their newest material. Each song held the same stamina, moshing and singing potential as the next.


Throughout the show Billie Joe excited the crowds and pulled up various super fans, one Spanish guy almost stealing the show with a fearless solo during American Idiot, to another fan leaving with the gift of Billie Joe’s guitar. This was audience participation at its best, and Billie Joe’s unbroken call-and-response echoed throughout and after the set.

On the Beat extends their thoughts to the family and friends of Pedro Aunion Monroy, the dancer that tragically passed away in an accident just prior to GreenDay's set at Madcool during an acrobatic performance. 


Image Credit: NME 

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