What’s On: Noble Jacks @ Chapel Arts Centre, Bath 10/11/17

by Polly Hember

Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, heart-pounding folk music at its very best, the Brighton-based alt-folk outfit Noble Jacks have been raging and roaming round the UK this year promoting their debut album What the Hammer on the festival circuit, creating insurmountable waves of feel-good energy at Glasto, Cambridge Folk Festival and Beautiful Days.


Will Page’s raw vocals and relentless use of the fiddle, guitar and mandolin alongside Matt Deveson’s foot-stomping bass lines, Ant Longhurst on guitar and Declan Haughian on percussion, the band produce a loud, raw and upbeat soundscape that bursts with infectious energy and excitement.


‘Ramblers Steam’ bursts with a harmonica melody that acts as an invitation to dance, before  drums and brilliant guitar-strumming build up to a lively and explosive  chorus. 

Combining traditional folk sounds with electric instrumentals,  the band create an inclusive and energetic soundscape that borrows from ambient, warm lyrical melodies and alternative, modern influence. The result is a roaring, high-energy triumph that is impossible not to dance along to.


Noble Jacks are journeying to the Chapel Arts Centre in Bath to pick up their fiddles and guitars. Don’t miss these very noble Jacks!


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Noble Jack's 'Ramblers Steam'

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