EP Review: I Go Crazy by Orla Gartland
by Meg Fatharly

Orla Gartland | Photo via Instagram

I Go Crazy is the newest anticipated EP that has been released by Orla Gartland. Her upbeat sound has been paired with the exciting collage work of artist Demii Whiffin, who captures the essence of the title song through chosen imagery and bold text.


I’ve been a long-time listener and watcher of Gartland’s music; her work has an honest immediacy that you’re able to hook onto straight away. You feel each word she sings and it goes right through you. I think it’s that parallel which resonates so strongly with her listeners that makes her music so profoundly relatable.

You feel each word she sings and it goes right through you. 

‘I Go Crazy’ was born out of a moment of intense rejection: a situation bound up with unreciprocated feelings that we are all too familiar with. From this, the singer has created a song that offers a positive connection with the music, despite the context being so negative. The upbeat and catchy song has been on repeat for the last week.


Watching the response of her latest drop over the last week has been hugely positive. When the song was released she did a live Instagram story (late into the night) with those who had waited until midnight. It was a light-hearted glimpse into the artist’s appreciation for those who support her music.


Make sure you check Gartland out and keep an eye out for further releases. 

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Original artwork by Demii Whiffin

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