Music Review: Paige Bea 
by Danni Gillespie

'Your Echo' is South London based Paige Bea’s follow up from her debut Pick Up Your Heart.

'Your Echo’ has an eerie introduction reminds the listener of the vocal harmonies of Daughter combined with synth sounds to create a chilled out musical vibe. The dark electronica track talks the listener thought a relationship of unequal participations, unequal give and take. The track describes the emotions of those being taken from granted, of being expected to stay not matter what because the other participant is “too caught up in their own egos.” - A sad yet painstakingly insightful commentary of today’s society.

"Bea explores modern relationships in this track and bears her soul to the listener."

Bea explains how modern technology and how established it is in everyday life is a tool for this kind of treatment, “you’re connected to so many people you forget the ones who truly matter, thinking they’ll always be just a phone call away.” Bea has really explored modern relationships in this track and bears her soul to the listener. Anyone could get lost in this tune, but especially those who have grown with technology embedded in their relationships.

Bea’s beautiful soulful voice and the strong bass and synth track complement each other well with no part of the song being dominated by the other; a perfect balance. A must listen from a women to watch.

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