What’s On: Nathalie Du Pasquier's Other Rooms @ Camden Arts Centre

by Megan Fatharly

I first came across the work of Pasquier via Instagram, where I often first come across shows. I was not even aware of Camden Arts Centre as an establishment and I first visited the show very quickly when travelling back from Cornwall. 20 minutes later met with the vibrant shapes and colours of the artists’ work, I was taken with the overall curation of Other Rooms that is on display until the 14th of January 2018.


Upon entering the room the viewer is met with work that goes against the conventions of a traditional gallery space by being presented right across all sections of the gallery, covering every corner.


The work challenges traditional modes of representation and questions the notion of an interior space. As bold colours fill the space to create visual landscapes of lines which draw the viewer around the show and into other sections of the exhibition introducing new elements on the walls such as drawings exploring still life.

The Milan based artist’s work sits on the boundary of Art and Design which is an interesting concept to consider and it’s important to note how this tension between the two is explored in her work.  Through the consideration of architectural elements like utilising the space of the room to showcase the work it allows this contrast of Art and Design elements to harmonise together. While lines of colour are a motif that is recurrent throughout the show, it’s important to note how surface design and patterns have been used in contrast.

In another life I was going to do surface and textile design and pattern is something that I always look for in work as it provides a certain kind of comfort. I think this comes from repetition and a trust in what is going to appear next in a piece. Familiar shapes such as circles provide a sense of resolve because of the nature of the line coming back to where it starts and the continuation of the line.


This use of fine art and design elements of the show is something that interested me because within my own practice this is a constant conversation I have with elements of my visual language. It can be hard sometimes to not sit within a particular fragment of the art world.


I have always been someone who likes to manipulate different processes together and I think it is important to have shows like this to show creatives that there is cross over between art and design.

Nathalie Du Pasquier's Other Rooms is at the Camden Arts Centre from 29 September 2017 - 14 January 2018

Photographs of the exhibition were taken by Megan Fatharly.

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