Exhibition Review: Ruth Crackett @ The Old Bookshop

by Danni Gillespie

A real highlight of the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail was the display at Bedminster’s The Old Bookshop. Ruth Crackett, the woman behind Crackett art, presented beautiful oil canvas artworks that stood out from the crowd (both figuratively and literally in some cases).

Crackett art exhibited five exquisite paintings; four animal portraits and one stunning female portrait. Each was painted with  talented precision and a genius use of colour. Some had background, such as fields and plants, while others were set in simple but effective white or grey. Each stood well, in its own right as a piece, and yet they also worked as a set; a true talent to strike this balance.

Each frame was mismatching, something which alluded to The Old Bookshop’s ensemble of décor (such as a piano making up half of the bar and typewriters mounted at the top of the wall). Presented on the bare redbrick wall next to the stage that would later host lively local bands, the colours really stood out. Crackett uses a realist style, with the colours matching those of the natural world. Each animal’s surrounding was beautifully painted using earthy browns and greens; this is exactly why the exposed brick really complimented the natural colours of Crackett’s work.

The paintings were accompanied by a selection of postcards, prints and the woman herself; a friendly, personable and witty individual whose work is truly wonderful.

Make sure to check out her website for the latest news on upcoming exhibitions and snaps of her latest commissions. 

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