New Music Release: Rue Snider’s ‘Moving Me’ (Brothertiger Remix)
by Polly Hember 

Brooklyn based indie singer-songwriter Rue Snider’s folky blend of Americana and punky protest pop has been a favourite of ours at On the Beat HQ for quite a while now. Honest, raw and critically current; Snider’s music delves into politics, both public and personal, as he bravely examines modern America.


Today he releases a Brothertiger remix of his love song ‘Moving Me’, marking an exploratory endeavour into electronica. The raw song has been given a transient makeover by producer Brothertiger,  it flows in a ‘chillwave’ of catchy keys, laid back percussion and a full-on 80’s vibe that is hugely enjoyable. Snider’s lyrics are touching as ever, as he sings “moving in a rhythm like you’re moving me, with that angel voice and those guitar strings”. Ironically, Brothertiger’s remix has galvanised a pensive, angelic tone that reverberates throughout the track and a rhythm that flows through the remix, perfectly mirroring the tone and content of the original lyrics.

‘This remix feels like the way I remember the 80s’, says Snider, ‘Brothertiger’s music always takes me to a different time and place, even though what he does is current and is the perfect soundtrack for life in the City’.


This is a hugely successful dip into the electronic musical waters for Snider, with a masterful 80’s makeover by Brothertiger, the new remix is both soulful and scintillating.

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