Album Review: A Stranger Listening by Harry and the Gondolas
by Danni Gillespie 

Harry and the Gondolas infuse beautiful harmonics, lively rhythms and classic folk tunes throughout their new EP A Stranger Listening. With a sound reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men and the Lumineers, Harry and the Gondolas are a musical treat for any nu-folk fans.

You will be introduced to the upbeat ‘Imogen’. The simple yet effective percussion softly draws you into the album. The rhythm builds and builds with the beautiful vocal stylings from lead guitarist Harry Gould. The song drives to a catchy and uplifting refrain that will engulf your sense. I can picture a live performance evoking foot-stomping and an emotional roar as the crowd echo the beautifully written lyrics. A stunning start.

‘Imogen’ is succeeded by the acoustic ‘Ephermeral’, a track comprised of haunting guitar and soft vocals that will reach the very depths of your soul. The harmonies created by Gould and Samuel Snell are mesmerising. Bubba Erikson playing the often over–looked bass provides the rhythmic backbone to this acoustic beauty.

‘Free Your Enemies’ is the perfect love-child mix of the uplifting ‘Imogen’ and the emotive ‘Ephermeral’. Starting slowly, ‘Free Your Enemies’ offers peaceful guitar and humanising lyrics: “My belief shakes like a crooked tree in the middle of the wood, you free your enemies cause the devil says you should” The track builds to a nu-folk crescendo of glorious guitar and harmonies.

'Free Your Enemies' by Harry and the Gondolas

We end our journey with Harry and The Gondolas with ‘Gone By, Gone Soon’. Treated to the intricate guitar and vocal stylings we love, this is a perfect sign-off for A Stranger Listening. You will be over-whelmed with the emotion of this track and left in awe.

This EP will have fans queuing out the door for their next show, foot-stomping through the floors and singing so loud the venue may receive some noise complaints. A Stranger Listening embodies nu-folk sound; a fantastic showcase of this incredible Bristol-band’s talent.

A Stranger Listening is out now.

Image credit: Courtesy of Harry and the Gondolas. 

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