Album Review: The Tomicks
by Danni Gillespie

The first track of The Tomick’s self-titled album dives straights into a Kasabian-esque stadium rock sound. Think Lennon, Oasis and The Verve. The rhythmic backing instrumental accompaniment and the megaphone style vocal arrangement present a simple yet effective sound in ‘I’m Good For It’ and leaves a resoundingly good first impression of the trio.

From this, we are introduced to ‘Candlelight’ and ‘Classic Line’, and even before any research I could tell the trio drew inspiration from the musical stylings of Rock ‘n’ Roll God Elton John. Nick Whitehead’s dexterous tinkling of the ivories gives this song its Elton heart and soul. Once hearing the album I found it both unsurprising and fate that piano player Nick Whitehead and lead vocalist, songwriter and drummer Tom Cridland met at an Elton John gig and their love for 60’s and 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll created the Tomicks, together with Debs Marx. Their sound is fun, heartfelt and beautifully constructed.

‘Hit or Miss’ is a bittersweet song about the ups and downs of life and for the first time we are introduced to the vocals stylings of Debs Marx. The track is the first duet by couple Marx and Cridland and introduces the listener to a sound reminiscent of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and The Beach Boys. ‘Break Up Anthem’ is a spectacular showcase of Rock and Roll Blues, featuring soulful piano and soaring saxophone. This track is empowering, feel-good and could have anyone singing into their hairbrush in seconds.

This music is "empowering, feel-good and could have anyone singing into their hairbrush in seconds."

As you continue to listen to this album, you realise this band is engaging with 60’s and 70’s Rock in all of their songs in various ways, seeking inspiration from many of the great acts we all know and love. To take inspiration from and create your own tracks based on the Rock ‘n’ Roll greats is not small feet and such varying sound is rarely seen from one group across the same album. The Tomick’s give it their all, in true Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion.

The Tomicks is available to purchase here. 

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