Gig Review: Tonight Alive @ The Marble Factory, Bristol
by Danni Gillespie

Tonight Alive rocked The Marble Factory in Bristol with strong bass sounds, punky vocals and motivational speeches. The audience danced and sang their hearts out, demonstrating how much packed-out The Marble Factory loved this Australian foursome.

The band opened with ‘The Book of Love’; the introductory song on their latest album Underworld. The distinctive “oohhh oohh” opening of this song were sung at high volume by the crowd. The bass played by Cameron Alder was powerful and filled the high ceilings of The Marble Factory. This powerful bassline was matched by Jake Hardy’s talented guitar playing and raucous drumming from Matt Best. The power-punk-pop music was complimented by Jenna McDougall’s raw emotional voice and stunningly motivational lyrics.

The set was comprised of new, old and crowd favourites. When the opening chords to ‘World Away’ were played, the crowd instantly knew what was coming. Roaring cheers filled the room. A heart-warming moment when “This is not my punishment, this is my catalyst for growth, I know I will survive this, I’ll be the strongest person I know filled the hall”, the crowd sung at the top of their lungs and McDougall sang to perfection.

"It was clear the band were having just as much fun as their fans."

‘Disappear’, from their latest album, was performed with vibrant energy. During ‘Crack my Heart’, McDougall and Alder climbed over amps and platforms. McDougall owned the staged and danced in every corner whilst Hardy kept cheering the crowd on. Throughout the performance, it was clear the band were having just as much fun as their fans.

McDougall spoke of empowerment, unity and liberty between songs. She empowered the audience, unified all in the room and liberated the crowd that night. An acoustic guitar was brought onto the stage and McDougall and Hardy treated fans to the beautiful, heart-breaking ‘Amelia’, a song the band has not played in years. The crowd was mesmerised, consumed with the emotion of the song and captivated by the pair of the stage. Ending on new track ‘Temple’, the band gave one final high energy performance for their Bristol audience. 

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