Theatre Review: What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky @ Loco Club
by Polly Hember

Idiot Child presents a bizarre, interactive and highly entertaining faux group therapy session in What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky? It explodes with nervous laughter, with a brilliantly funny cast who are unafraid to delve into the perturbing catalysts and consequences of human fear, succeeding in dancing around sad truths with dark comedy and delight.

Hilariously anxious, jittering with pseudo stage-nerves and endearingly awkward, the abandoned children Heron (Susie Riddell), Magpie (Adam Fuller) and Feral Pigeon (Emma Keaveney-Roys) engage the audience in their Fear Camp, a disturbing and cultish three-step-programme to announce and renounce the fears that have crippled these three siblings. Having had 19 years to perfect the programme since their parents left, each fear vanquished is commended by a badge. They teach us to tackle insecurities with physical activities such as “bean-bagging” each other (as weird as it sounds, which resulted in particularly hilarious audience participation) and acting out fears – such as intimacy, in which Fuller strips down to his underwear and covers himself in sparkling blue glitter singing along to Foreigner’s “I wanna know what love is”, to creative writing (Feral Pigeon’s fantastically morbid tale about a suicidal pony had the audience in hysterics).

Getting darker as the tale unfolds, the piece tackles loss, fear and all the weird idiosyncrasies and anxieties that accompany our modern-day way of life. Conversely, as this goes on, the laughs get bigger and better also. Blowing up balloons, sipping on complimentary in-flight cocktails, drawing our own personal fears and witnessing the dances, songs and soliloquies of the three talented comics on stage, this is as bizarre as it is entertaining. Treading the line between hilarity and uneasiness with serious wit and brilliant timing, this is an eccentric success that is surprisingly life-affirming in itself, sparkly blue glitter and all.  

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What If The Plane Falls Out of The Sky? is embarking on a UK tour, visiting Shoreditch, Brighton, Weston-Super-Mare, Exeter, Birmingham, Guildford and Oxford. Accompanying the show writer and director Dr Anna Harpin will lead post-show talks and theatre-led workshops exploring the show’s themes of fear and anxiety.

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